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The Hollywood "Scaracters" Site



The History Of The Hollywood Blvd Scaracters...

    This Hollywood Blvd Character Phenonemon Was Unknowingly Started By Gerard Christian Zacher When He First Stepped Out Onto The Hollywood Blvd Character Scene As Bram Stoker's Dracula. Soon After, Later That Year, After Seeing The First Preview Of "Freddy Vs. Jason", Freddy Being One Of His Favorite Horror Characters, Gerard Made His SECOND Hollywood Blvd Character Debut  - The One And Only Hollywood Blvd Freddy - In Full Special Effects Makeup.
    Hollywood Freddy Became His Most Popular Character (He Would Spend The Next 7 Years Adding No Less Than Over A Dozen Hollywood Blvd Characters To His Palette As A Diverse Actor, Including Hollywood Beetlejuice, Grinch, James Dean, Luke Skywalker, Alex DeLarge ("Of A Clockwork Orange") & Many More. To See All His Various Characters, Please Visit His OWN Character Site )
     After News Of The Upcoming Release Of "Freddy Vs. Jason" First Hit, Gerard Was Soon Joined By Former Roommate, Jessy Andrews As Hollywood Blvd's First Jason. With The Anticipation Of "Freddy Vs Jason" Beginning To Build, Gerard, While Working As Hollywood Freddy, Often Got Asked Where Jason Was. So Gerard Asked Jessy To Join Him, Which He Finally Did. A Few Years Later, Jessy Moved To Denver, Colorado And Then To Seatle, Washington Where He Currently Lives. But Jessy Will Always Have The Distinction Of Being The Very First Hollywood Jason.
     About A Year After The First Appearances Of Hollywood Blvd's Freddy And Jason, Yogi (Yes, That Is His Real First Name!), Met The Pair (Gerard As Freddy & Jessy As Jason). He Took A Photo With Them. And, Being An Avid Horror Film Fan, Decided To Join Them As Michael Myers.
    Chucky Of "Child's Play" Fame Made His Appearance On Hollywood Blvd Not Long After Michael Myers. Yogi Met The Midget, Drevon Cooks On A Subway Train. Yogi Told Drevon About The Hollywood "Scaracters" And Suggested That He Join Us As Chucky. Drevon Decided To Take Him Up On The Idea And Hollywood Chucky Was Born. Drevon Is The Only Other Character Besides Gerard Who Has Both Originated And Continued Doing His Character to The Present Day.
 Marty Porter Was Playing A Version Of Batman's Robin At First. But He Would Watch The Hollywood Scream Team Flourish And Have A Lot Of Fun Doing It, And Longed To Join The Team. Finally, He Purchased The Costume Of His Favorite Horror Character, Pinhead Of the "Hellraiser" Movies, And Very Successfully Brought Hollywood Pinhead To The Gang Of The "Scaracters".
Matt Also Saw The Hollywood Scaracters Rule Hollywood Blvd As A Team And Brought Out Hollywood Leatherface, Who Was The Only Horror Icon Of The 80's Missing  - Until Then!
The Character Scene Also Began To Be Haunted By Ghost Face Of The "Scream" Movies. A Number Of Guys Have Played "Hollywood Scream". Too Many To Properly Keep Track Of! But Scream Became A Presence On The Blvd And Has Remained So Just Like The Others.
Samara - The Little Girl From "The Ring" Films Came Next. She Was Played By A Girl Who Calls Herself, "Sprite". Gerard Created And Designed Her Costume, Having, Ironically, Worked On The Set Of The First "Ring" Film As A Prodiction Assistant - Meeting His Special Effects Makeup Artist Idol, Rick Baker, And Getting To Witness Firsthand The Creation Of The Films' Decayed Samara!! 

The Hollywood Scaracters Were The Very First Actual Group Of Characters To Ever Attempt To Work Together As One Big Team. Other Characters Out There Have Since Tried The Same, But Mostly Proven To Be Unsuccessful In Their Attempts. This Has Largely Been Due To The Fact That Everyone's Egos Came In Conflict With Each Other Or Greed Became A Factor As Some Of The Characters Are Driven Only By Money As Opposed To Caring About The Fans Of The Characters They Impersonate.
This Is NOT The Case With The Hollywood Scream Team. Each Of Us Is An Actual True Fan Of Our Characters And We Do Not Get In The Way Of Each Other's Egos. We Get Along FANTASTICALLY, And We Have A LOT Of Fun Working Together! We Also Think Of The Fans Of Our Characters And We Know, AS Fans Ourselves, That The Public Would LOVE To See And Experience Us All Together! And Believe Me, They Do! Each Of The Scaracters Is Usually Very Successful Working On His / Her Own Individually. But It's Far More Fun When We Occasionally All Work Together! Other Characters Have Tried & Failed & Gave It Up. WE Have It DOWN PAT And We Have A BLAST!

When Jessy Andrews Left Los Angeles, Levi Schaumbaugh Took Over As Jason For Awhile. Then Levi Took A Break And "DC" Carried On In His Place For A Bit. After DC, The Role Of Jason Went To "Hat", Whose Real First Name Was Richard. "Hat" Relocated And Mitchell Schonberner Took Over. It Is Mitchell Who Is Seen In Most Of The Photos Here On This Website As Jason. Mitchell Has Been The Most Accurate And Longest-Lasting Jason, Having Been Hollywood Jason For Three Years Now, And Still Going Strong!

Yogi Gonzalez First Started And Firmly Established The Presence Of Hollywood Michael Myers On The Character Scene, And Played Him For A Number Of Years. However, He Was Later Offered The Job Of Security Officer For The Kodak Theater. The Kodak Security Office Feels It Is A Sort Of "Conflict Of Interests" For Any Of Their Employees To Moonlight As Hollywood Characters, So Yogi Was Now Legally Forbidden By The Kodak Theater To Continue Playing Hollywood Michael Myers. Yogi Handed The Torch Down To His And Gerard's Friend, DC. DC Was A Cool Guy And He Hung Around For A Couple Of Years. But Then He Permanently Relocated. Levi Schambaugh, The Former 2nd Hollywood Jason, Then Took Over As Hollywood Michael Myers And Did A Fantastic Job.
Levi Finally Tired Of The Character. Now, Finally, The New Hollywood Michael Myers Is Ronnie Tiller, Who Continues The More Accurate Costume That Levi Schaumbaugh Had Introduced.

Matt Was The Very First Hollywood Leatherface. But After Awhile, His Work Began To Take Him Away From The Character Scene. A Guy Who Calls Himslf "Tyrial" Then Took Over. It Is Tyrial Who Is Featured As Hollywood Leatherface In These Group Photos By Photographer Sean Bradley. When Tyrial Left, An Anymous Leatherface Appeared For Awhile. But He Would Never Join The Hollywood Scaracters Scream Team. Again, We All Work Very Successfully Separately, But We Also Often Work As A Team As Well, Which Gets Even MORE Attention. But This Particular Leatherface Never Joined Us And Never Got To Know Us, So We Never Got To Know Him. But, After Being Unsuccessful, He Soon Disappeared As Mysteriously As He Had Appeared. That's When John Harrigan Arrived As The New Leatherface. Like Gerard As Hollywood Freddy, John Had The Ability To Use Intensity In His Eyes As His Character And Became The Most Successful Hollywood Leatherface Since Matt. John Harrigan Is Pictured On The Hollywood Leatherface Page With Gerard.

There Began, Right At The Start Of The First "Scream"  Appearance On Hollywood Blvd,  A Series Of Various Guys Doing Wes Craven's "Scream" Character - Or Should I Say "Characters" As The Killer Aways Turned Out To Be A Variety Of The Story's Characters Throughout The 3 Films. Like The Character Of Spiderman With The Hollywoood Blvd Superhero Characters, The "Scream" Character Is The Only Horror Film Character Found In Mass Duplicate On Hollywood Blvd. It Is Also The Only Horror Character ACCEPTED As Duplicates. 

One Halloween In The Early Days Of The Appearance Of The Hollywood "Scaracters" Starting With Gerard, Jessy Andrews Wanted To Do Something Different For Halloween, But NOT For The Blvd...Just For Halloween Parties, Etc.. He Asked Gerard To Create Something For Him For The Holiday Occasion. Gerard Had Been Thinking Of Bringing Beetlejuice To Hollywood Blvd For Awhile. So He Saw This As A Good Test To See If He Could Successfully Do The Beetlejuice Makeup. So, He Put Together A Costume For Jessy And Did His Makeup And Styled A Wig For Him On Halloween That Year. The Effect Was A Great Success And Jessy Had Much Fun As Beetlejuice On Halloween!
So, Gerard Himself Soon Began Appearing On The Blvd As Hollywood Beetlejuice - As Usual With His Signature Special Effects Makeup, Much To The Delight Of Beetlejuice Fans, Of Which, It Turns Out, There Are Many! Jessy, Meanwhile, Had Relocated To First Denver, Then Seatle. But He Would Visit From Time To Time. During One Of These Times, Gerard Had Hired Professional Photographer Sean Bradley And Gathered The Entire Scream Team Characters Together For The Photo Shoot. But There Was A Problem. Gerard Wanted Beetlejuice To Be Part Of The Group. But He Was Unable To Appear As 2 Of His Characters At The Same Time, Of Course. So, Since Jessy Had Been Beetlejuice Once Before AND Happened To Be In Town That Day, Gerard Had Jessy Fill In For Him As Hollywood Beetlejuice While He Appeared As Hollywood Freddy. That's Why And How 2 Of Gerard's Scaracters - Both Hollywood Freddy AND Hollywood Beetlejuice Are Both In These Group Photos Together.

Gerard Christian Zacher As Hollywood Freddy
Mitchell Schonberner As Hlywd Jason, Ronnie Tiller As Hlywd Michael Myers Drevon Cooks Hlywd Chucky

  Here, we warn you about copycats who disrespectfully try to usuarp the acts of the original, more professional, officially recognized scaracter impersonators. These guys see our well-established impersonators out there, then they try to jump on the bandwagon and "steal" their acts by showing up in the same costumes.
 These guys always turn out to be beggars who usually wear shabbier versions of the costumes. They are aggressive solicitors who are not out for the fans, but just to pester the public for money. Gerard and the gang pictured here on this site dress and behave extremely professionally. They do it for the fans and to pay tribute to their characters and do their best to do the characters they impersonate proper justice. The copycats do not. The copycats are only out for financial gain. Here is the low-down on  each of these copycat bandwagon-jumpers:
Claudio Is A Fake, Rubber-Masked Copycat Who Popped Up Long After Gerard Had Already Orginated And Well-Established The Character On The Hollywood Character Scene. This Other Guy Wears A Bad, Fake-Looking Freddy Mask, A Plastic Cowboy Hat, And Fake-Looking Claw. He Has The Body Of A Bulky Wrestler Which Does Not Fit Freddy's Physique At All. He Speaks With A Heavy Italian Accent. He Does Not Offer The "Freddy Experience". He Makes No Attempt To Do The Freddy Voice Or The Freddy Laughs. He Does Not Use Any Of Freddy's Signature Humor. He Never Uses Any Of The Famous Freddy Body Language.
What's Worse Is He Admittedly Has Never Seen Any Of The "Nightmare On Elm Street" Or "Freddy Vs. Jason" Movies At All. And He Says He Has No Interest In Ever Watching Them. If You're Going To Attempt To impersonate A Famous, Loved Character In A Very Public Place Where People From All Over The World Travel To, For God's Sake At Least Take The Time And Effort To Learn About That Character! He Is Only Using Freddy's Image For His Own Financial Gain Without Going Through The Proper United States Citizenship Proceedure To Get Real Work Here In The US. And It Is Also Illegal For Him To Be Soliciting The Way He Does On Top Of It.
Gerard Does It In Full Tribute And For The Freddy Krueger Fans. Claudio Just Walks Up To People, Taps Them On The Shoulder, And Asks Them, In His Heavy Italian Accent, If They Want A Photo In An Aggressive, Soliciting Manner. Gerard Has Always Been Very Respectful Of The Public, Lets His Costumes Speak For Themselves, And Lets The People Come To HIM Of Their Own Free Will. He Performs For The People, Using The Freddy Voice, The Freddy Laughs, The Freddy Body Language, And Spouts Playful, Menacing One-Liners To Passersby, But Never Begs For Photos. Gerard Is Also Extremely Animated While Claudio Is Not At All Animated.
When On Hollywood Blvd, If You Look For Freddy, Look For Gerard's Freddy -  You Can Tell By The Makeup As Opposd To The Fake Mask. Gerard Can Change His Facial Expressions, Move His Mouth, And Speak Clearly. The Other Guy Is Restricted By The Mask And Cannot. Claudio Is NOT Recognized By Any Of The Other Characters, The Media, Or The Public As Hollywood Freddy. Even Claudio Himself Acknowledges That Gerard, Not Him, Is THE "Hollywood Freddy".
Jimmy Kimmel Even Confronted Claudio About Leaving The Hollywood Freddy Act To Gerard On "The Jimmy Kimmel Live" Show. He Told Claudio He Didn't Fit Freddy, And That He Should Leave Impersonating Freddy To Gerard, Who Was First And Much Better-Qualified.
Gerard And Claudio Get Along And Are Friendly With Each Other, And Do Not Get In Fights. But, Professionally Speaking, Gerard Does Not Agree With Claudio's Choice Of Character At All. Nor Do Any Of The Other More Professional Scaracters. Claudio Just Doesn't Have The Body, The Voice, The Talent, Or Even The Proper, Required Knowledge Of The Character That It Takes To Pull Off A Decent Freddy. And Even Claudio Himself Knows This And Has Admitted It Repeatedly. But He Just Doesn't Care, And Doesn't Give A Hoot About Any Of The Art Of It. Claudio Just Wants As Much Money From The Pockets Of The Tourists As He Can Get With As Little Effort As Possible, And That's All He Wants, And Boy, Does He Go After It! Now, As A Person, Claudio Is Actually A Very Nice, Friendly Guy. It's Just That He Makes A Terrible, Very Fake-Looking Freddy And Should Not Be Doing The Character For A Number Of Reasons.
A Guy Named "Pete" Has Started To Blatantly Steal The Hollywood Jason Act From Firmly Established Hollywood Jason, Mitchell Schonberner. Pete Also Has Tried To Copy Mitchell's Costumes And Many Of His Moves. Pete Was Apparently Not Making Enough Money In Tips As The Superhero Character, The Flash, Or As His Rubber-Haired Attempt As Robin Of "Batman" Fame (Yes, He Actually Wore A Head-Top Made Of Latex As Robin - The Effect Made Him Look Like A Walking Plastic Robin DOLL Instead Of A Living Robin With Real Hair) . So, Driven By Wanting More Of The Tourists' Money Like The Other Scaracter Copycats,  He Decided To Steal Someone Else's Already Established Character Impersonation Act. Pete Also Seems To Be A Very Unfriendly, Rude Person With A Highly Negative Bad Attitude. Some Of The Scaracters Have Even Tried Being Friendly To Him, But He Has Been Nothing But Rude In Return.
Pete Also Occasionally Works With Hollywood Freddy Copycat, Claudio. And Sometimes They Both Work With The Hollywood Michael Myers Copycat. In Doing So, They Are Not Only Stealing Other People's Acts, But They Are Trying To Copy Their STYLE As Well - By Stealing The Idea Of Teaming Up.  These Guys Just Can't Think Of Anything Originally And Have To Steal EVERY Idea From The Original Scaracters.
For Awhile, John H. Was Officially Accepted, Welcomed-By-The-Scaracters As The New Hollywood Leatherface. We Even Took Him Under Our Wings And Went Out Of Our Way To Show Him The Ropes And Include Him In Our Group. He Was Much Better At Leatherface, Which He Did First. But He Abandoned Leatherface. And Tried To Steal The Hollywood Michael Myers Act Instead - Despite The Fact That The Other Established Hollywood Michael Was Still Making Regular Appearances. Now John Refuses To Return As His Better Character, Hollywood Leatherface, But Insists On Doing Michael With No Regard To The Other, More Official, More Accurate Hollywood Michaels. Not Only That, But John Has Stabbed The Original Scaracters In The Back By Encouraging Others To Steal Ideas From The Scaracters Team. He Will Be Very Friendly To The Original Scaracters. But Then He Will Go To The Copycats And Give Away Things And Plans And Details The Original Scaracters Were Nice Enough to Tell Him - Thinking He Was Their Friend. In Fact, It Was John Who Encouraged Pete To Steal Jason From Mitchell In The First Place.
John Attempts To Appear As The Rob Zombie Remake Version Of Michael Myers - With The Messed Up Mask. But He Completely Botched It And It Looks Terrible. He Is Also Too Short To Be An Accurate Michael And He Won't Even Bother To Wear The Platform Shoes That Might Help Fix That. He Is All Wrong For The Character. His Motivation - Just Like Claudio's And Pete's, Is Strictly Getting As Much Of The Tourists' Money As He Can. And They Have To Steal Others' Well-Established Acts To Do So - Ignoring The Fact That There Are A NUMBER Of Other Characters No One Has Done Before That They Could Do Instead. Like Claudio, John Is A Very Friendly Person. (You Just Have To Wach What You Tell Him In Confidence, Apparently) And He Made A GREAT Leatherface. But He Makes A Lousy, Very Unprofessional-Looking Michael Myers, And Should Not Be Doing The Character For The Same Number Of Reasons That Claudio Should Not Be Attempting Freddy. John Is The Only Member Of The Hollywood Scaracters Scream Team That Has Ever Done Anything To Act Against The Group (For No Reason Other Than Greed For Money) And Its Team Members.  And, Again, In The Beginning, We Did Everything We Could To Help And Include Him. Guess Every Family Has To Have One Bad Apple Somewhere In The Bunch Sometime.
While The Original, Offiicially-Recognized Scaracters Do It More for Fun And In Tribute To The Creators And Film Actors Of Their Characters And For The Sake Of The Fans Of Those Characters' Franchises, These Others Guys Are Just Money-Grubbers Driven Only By Greed Instead Of Art Who Can't Even Come Up With Their Own Characters To Impersonate. (We Know That Statement Sounds Like A Contradiction Of Terms, But In The Hollywood Public Area, You HAVE To Perform As An Already-Established Film Character The Public Recognizes. Otherwise, You Don't Even Get A Second Glance. That Area Is For Already-Known & Loved Characters And Nothing Else That People May Try To Do As Original Works In That Area. Believe Us, We Know! Original Acts Have Been Attempted And Always Completely Fail. You HAVE To Be A Recognizable Film Character To Perform There. But Those Impersonation Acts Should Be Left To Those Who Start Them Unless The Torch Is Personally Handed Down To Someone Else When The Other "Retires" - NOT At The Same Time The Other Person Is Still Active As The Characters They Firmly Established)
The Best Way, Besides Gerard's Obvious Makeup Jobs, To Tell If A Scaracter You Come Across Is The Established Character Actor On The Scene Or One Of The Copycats, Is To Ask Them Their Real Names. For Example, If You See A Jason Out There, Ask Him If He Is Mitchell Or Pete. If He Says Mitchell, We Encourage You To Take The Photo With Him. If He Is Pete, We Encourage You To Decline And Tell The Copycat (Whichever One It Is You Meet) That He Should Do Another Character That Isn't Already Being Done. The Established Characters Are: Gerard As Freddy, Mitchell As Jason, Ronnie As Michael Myers, Marty As Pinhead, And Drevon As Chucky. Currently, There Are No Leatherfaces Or Samaras. Again, John Harrigan Abandoned Leatherface To Steal Michael Myers. And No Girl Is Currently Playing Samara As Sprite Has Left. So The Character Of Samara Is Open, But It Is The Only One Open. Beetlejuice, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Mrs. Vorhees, And Elvira Have No Copycats At Present, Thankfully. Again, The Copycats Names Are Claudio, Pete, And John Harrigan.
Other Movie Characters We Would Love To Have Join The Team, But No One Has Attempted To Do Yet Are:
Hannibal Lector, Norman Bates, The Crypt Keeper Of "Tales From The Crypt", The Headless Horseman Of "Sleepy Hollow". THese Characters Are And Have Always Been Fully Open And We ope That Someday Someone Will Do Them And Join Us!
The Established Hollywood Scaracters Scream Team Does Not Recognize The Hollywood Copycats As Part Of The Team And They Will Never Be Featured On This Site. While We Might Attempt To Get Along With Them In Person For The Sake Of Keeping The Peace And Not Believing In Causingg Scenes In Public Because It Is Unprofessional Behaviour, We Are Still  Against The Stealing And Usurping Of The Character Impersonator Gigs Already Firmly Established By Others, And So We Will Not Support Them In Their Disrespectful Efforts.

Thanks For Visiting!

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